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AgriHouse, Inc. announced today that the US Patent Office has granted to AgriHouse it’s patent for an all natural Organic Disease Control (ODC) bio-control technology that increases plant growth, crop yields and disease resistance.

Chris Wirth, AgriHouse spokesperson, said, "The AgriHouse's all natural ODC technology is in important milestone for farmers, consumers and the environment."  The ODC bio-control has been under patent review for the last 6 years.  It is believed to be the first patent of its kind that addresses activating the plant's natural immune system to increase yields and protect crop without pesticides.   Wirth said, "Now, for the first time, there is a viable alternative to chemical pesticides which can be used to improve food and crops without fear of health risks and destroying the environment."

While other biotech companies are focusing on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to protect crops, AgriHouse’s patent utilizes natural materials through a cell signal transduction process to promote growth and improve crops.  The patent is broad and covers a wide spectrum of bio-controls approved by the EPA. “The patent’s implications for the ag industry is going to be vast”, said Wirth.

"Our  ODC bio-control has been proven effective on vegetables, fruits, grains, flowers, trees and houseplants.  We have had hundreds of users including commercial applicators, NASA and leading universities attesting to the effectiveness of this new agri-technology", said Wirth.   It was even tested on vegetables aboard the MIR space station.  According to Wirth, ODC can be used safely indoors and outdoors.  An enhanced feature of ODC allows it to be used in conjunction with GMO seeds as well as fertilizers and supplements.

AgriHouse now offers it’s new all natural bio-control technology under the product labels ODC Plant Growth Promoter and Enhancer and Beyond Natural Plant Health Booster.  They are sold as liquid concentrates and will make 16 gallons of solutions, allowing the user to treat thousands of plants or seeds for less than a penny per treatment. The solution is applied directly to the soil surrounding the plant.  AgriHouse has test marketed the products through its distributor, Media Enterprises (Trevose, PA) on the Home Shopping Network.  Wirth said “market acceptance for this unique product has been tremendous, growers and consumers just love it and keep coming back for more.”

AgriHouse is also attempting to reach out to non-profit organizations that are working to combat the effects of hunger and environmental degradation through new agricultural practices.  The USDA agricultural statistics indicate that the worldwide yearly usage of pesticides exceeds $31Billion.  The negative environmental consequences of chemical pesticide farming not only affect traditional and corporate agriculture but it also adversely affects those who are more marginalized in our society.  Wirth said, “We hope our products will have a positive effect on those who are attempting to change the state of world hunger and poverty through new agricultural practices."

AgriHouse offers ODC and Beyond  on their e-commerce sites and for more information contact Chris Wirth, AgriHouse (909) 824-6984.

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