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Leaf Sensors, Benchtop DAQ & Software Package
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Leaf Sensors, Benchtop DAQ & Software Package
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Leaf Sensors, Benchtop DAQ & Software Package
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 Leaf Sensorâ„¢

Leaf Sensor, DAQ and Software Package

Complete Package  - Let your plants tell you when they need water!

Conservse water automatically - featured on TV & Radio

Benchtop Bio-Feedback Irrigation Control 

    • Windows 7, WinXP & Win2000 Compatible
    • Three Modes of Measurement
    • Read Leaf Sensor Data (14-bit analysis)
    • Control Pumps, Fans, Temperature & More (5 vdc)
    • Turn your PC into a real-time Data Logger

 Leaf Sensor, DAQ & Control Software Package includes

  • 4 ea. Leaf Sensors

  • 4 ea. 6 ft foot micro-wire cable w/ 3-pin connector
  • 1 ea. 14-bit Data Acquisition Data Logger Module-OEM (1 ea.)
    four individual Leaf Sensor Input Channels (4 ports total)
    • two  individual Digital Outputs (5vdc) per Channel (total: 8 ports)
    • USB Cable

  • 1 ea. Leaf Sensor Analysis Software v1.4

  • 1 ea. Measurement & Automation Software

  • 4 ea. Calibration Standards Set 

  • User Manual

For more info visit

SG-1000 Leaf Sensor & Software Brochure

Introductory Pricing - Limited Offer (PC not included)

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