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Leaf Sensor Benchtop DAQ Module
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Leaf Sensor Benchtop DAQ Module
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Leaf Sensor Benchtop DAQ Module
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Benchtop Data Acquistion (DAQ) Module for real-time leaf sensor analog to digital measurement of live plant water usage for precision irrigation control. Low voltage operation (0-5 vdc).


                 Benchtop Data Acquistion


   * 1 ea. Data Acquistion (DAQ) Module OEM (14-bit resolution)

   * USB cable (6 ft.)

    * 1 ea. Leaf Sensor Trending Software V 1.4 (DVD) Monitor up to four sensors


    • NI Model DAQ-6009 (OEM)
    • Size: 3.5”L x .6”H x 2.25”W
    • Weight: 1 oz.
    • Resolution: 14-bit
    • Absolute Accuracy (no load): 36.4mV maximum Full Scale
    • No. Leaf Sensor Inputs (w/ connector): 4 ea.
    • No. Digital Outputs: 8 ea.
    • Output Voltage: 0-5 VDC
    • PC compatible - Windows7, WinXP or Win2000
    • Available Digital Outputs per Leaf Sensor: 2 ea

Optional Equipment from AgriHouse

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Benchtop Data Acquisition (DAQ) Module for 14-bit analog to digital conversion of leaf moisture for precision measurement and irrigation control. Perfect for laboratory and research. Trending software v1.4 included.


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