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Leaf Sensor Rev4 w/ cable, connector and software CD-ROM
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Leaf Sensor Rev4 w/ cable, connector and software CD-ROM
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Leaf Sensor Rev4 w/ cable, connector and software CD-ROM
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Leaf Sensor Rev3

New Improved - Calibrated real-time leaf sensor that measures water levels of live plants for aeroponics, hydroponics and drip irrigation systems. 

Easy to Use: Simply affix the Leaf Sensor to a healthy plant leaf and begin monitoring the indirect measurement of leaf turgidity (moisture level) using a standard digital multimeter and external battery (not included).

Applications (partial list):  Plant Sciences / Irrigation Control / Water Management / Weather Stations / Research / Education /Agronomy Consultants

Benefits:  Measure leaf moisture levels (leaf thickness) and sap flow in real time - know when to water

Leaf Sensor™ Rev3


  • 1 ea. Leaf Sensor
  • 3- wire connector (male)
  • 1 ea - 10ft Cable Connector (female)
  • Software rev3 and Instruction CD-ROM
  • Free Technical Support
  • 1-year Limited Warranty
  • How to Use & Specs
  MMJ and leaf sensor











Connection Ready - precision monitoring

Changes in leaf cell turgor are a more accurate assement for monitoring than any other means of irrigation control.
Source: Jones HG (2004)Irrigation scheduling;advantages and pitfall of plant-based methods.


  Leaf Sensor Digital Meter -

   Special Offer: $79.99 BUY 


  When to Water: Temperature vs Leaf Sensor (top)












    Customers (Short List)
      * DRI Desert Research Inst.
      * FarmedHere Inc
      * Monsanto
      * Pioneer Seed




$260.99  (Buy 5 or more and save BIG)

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AgriHouse's NASA sponsored Leaf Sensor Rev4 for all plants. It knows when to water. Water resistant low power device. Easy to use. Measures plant water levels using a digital multimeter or data logger for precision irrigation control.


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