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BUY ODC colloidal Chitosan safe for house and garden - stops pine beetles too!
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Since 1997 -  Proven effective by NASA & USDA, corporate researchers, agricultural universities, farmers, land owners and growers worldwide


Derived from natural shellfish materials (chitin) - a hemeopathic product for home and garden. Use indoor and outdoor.  Contains natural a form of nitrogen (.28%). Improves soil, increases nutrient uptake and overcomes environment stress.

Broad spectrum bioactivation - works on all species in the plant kingdom

Pre-arm / Protect / Restore plants trees, lawns, gardens and the environment

Apply to soil - mixes in water (1 ml per 5 gallons)

 Meest USDA Natural Organic Standards - Qualified for Organic use.



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ODC™ Homeopathic Solution for Plants & Trees  8 fl. oz.
8 fl. oz. ODC™ Home & Garden Homeopathic Solution for Everything. Homeopathic solution for lawns, trees, vegetables, gardens and indoor plants. SAVE - Discount - less than $.69 per dose. Order now limited supply!

ODC™ Home & Garden Colloidal Chitosan 1 fl. oz.
1 fl oz ODC™ Home & Garden Colloidal chitosan solution for trees & plants. Induce them to defend against pine beetles. Treats 10 to 30 trees. Natural & Organic. Easy to use. Bedding plants, flowers, roses, cannabis & vegetables. Order now limited supply!

ODC Organic Super Concentrate -  18 fl oz
ODC organic super Concentrated - New 18 fl oz bottle for farm acreage, orchards, nurseries, greenhouse, lawns and gardens. Derived from aquatic materials - shellfish (chitin). Highly Concentrated - qualified for organic use.

ODC™ Home & Garden Discount Bottle -16 fl. oz.
16 Fluid oz. ODC™ colloidal chitosan solution for trees and plants. Homeopathic plant and tree remedy. Treats over 150 pines trees and acres of lawn. SAVE - Volume Discount - less than $.49 per dose/tree. Order now limited supply!

ODC™ Home & Garden Colloidal Chitosan liquid natural biopesticide. Proven efficacy to defend & resist pine beetles. Natural alternative to toxic sprays! Safe kids & pets. Use indoor & outdoor ODC™  Stops the pine beetle. Use vegetables & cannabis



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