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Homeopathic Plant Remedies & Biocontrol Solutions
Spray Jet with 0.025" Orifice
Quality plastic hi-pressure aeroponic misting spray jet. Hydro-atomize water and nutrient solutions to 5-50 micron droplet range. Low water usage. Robust full mist cloud pattern. Orifice size: 0.025". Easy to clean. Package size: 2 ea.
Spray Jet with 0.016" Orifice
Plastic high quality hi-pressure aeroponic mister spray jet. Hydro-atomize water and nutrient solutions to 5-25 micron droplets. Lowest water usage - fine mist full cloud pattern. Orifice size: 0.016". Easy to clean. Package size: 2 ea.
BEYOND™ All Natural Plant Amendment - 16 fl. oz.
BEYOND™ All Natural Plant Amendment Liquid Concentrate 16fl oz bottle. Indoor/Outdoor use. Overrides stress caused by environmental factors and deficiencies. Proven in space and on earth! Qualified for organic use. Meets NOP standards.
Finally an alternative - shop for natural biocontrol and aeroponic homeopathic products
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Aeroponic Products for Research, Commercial, Education, Hobby Growing including aeroponic units, systems, components, hardware, tanks and spray misting jets including biocontrols and natural homeopathic biopesticides
Aeroponic Products
Down to Earth NASA sponsored and funded eco friendly liquids (known as homeopathic plant solutions) that really work. Non-toxic safe biocontrols - lets mother nature take care of it all - naturally. Nothing does it better! Reduces enivormental stress.
Homeopathic Plant Solutions
Bio-feedback leaf sensor, hardware and software to monitor and control plant moisture levels in plant leaves in real-time to activate irrigation and water systems with leaf sensors, 14-bit ADC modules and trending & monitoring software.
Leaf Sensor & Irrigation Software
Vertical Growing and Horizontal Light Arrays with the highest photosynthetic output available. These light provide a full spectrum and reveal true color. Promotes grow and health of all plants. Inhibits UV, IR and insect infestation.
Light Arrays - Vertical & Horizontal
Liquid propagation agents accerlerate soft and woody tissue rooting. For plants grow in aeroponic systems, hydroponics and other media including soil. Ideal for propagation and cloning leaf and stem cuttings. ODC and BEYOND Plant Amendment are NASA proven
Propagation Agents & Solutions
Aeroponic reference on CD-ROMs showing how-to-steps, schematics, ODC, propagation, cloning, germination & other aeroponic growing methods, NASA developed aeroponic technologies, techniques and more! Now available our newly updated Aeroponic Encyclopedia.
Reference CD-ROMs
Consulting Services - all phases agriucultural systems, aeroponics, natural growing. Mr. Richard Stoner, expert, inventor, and corporate founder is available to consult with you and your organization on closed-loop system integration and sustainability.
Services - Consulting
The FDA has approved cold LED lights for medical and health applications including skin rejuvenation, acne, and temporary relief of pain associated with osteoarthritis. The same beneficial principals of LED healing power applies to the plant kingdom.
Therapeutic Cold LED Plant Light
BUY natural biocontrols and aeroponic products BEYOND All Natural Plant Amendment, YEA! Yield Enhancing Agent, ODC Colloidal Chitosan. Safe alternative homeopathic remedies including biopesticides, aeroponic units, systems, minerals and nutrients



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