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Leaf Sensor Rev3 - bear wire device
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Leaf Sensor Rev3 - bear wire device
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Leaf Sensor Rev3 - bear wire device
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Leaf Sensor Rev3 Bear Bones Device 

Bear Wire Version - Calibrated real-time leaf sensor that measures water levels of live plants for aeroponics, hydroponics and drip irrigation systems.  Solderable bear wire ready (signal / 3.3 vdc / ground).

  • Easy to Use: Simply affix the Leaf Sensor to a healthy plant leaf and begin monitoring the indirect measurement of leaf turgidity (moisture level) using a standard 4-digit display multimeter and battery (not included).
  • Applications (partial list):  Plant Sciences / Irrigation Control / Water Management / Weather Stations / Research / Education /Agronomy Consultants
  • Benefits:  Measure leaf mositure levels (leaf thickness) and sap flow in real time - know when to water!

Leaf Sensorâ„¢ Rev3  Bear Bones
  • 1 ea. Leaf Sensor (bear wire)
  • Instruction sheet 
  • 90-day linted warranty

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Price/ea:  $49.99 SALE PRICE

Leaf Sensor Rev3 - bear wire version. Bear bones device. GREAT price! It knows when to water. Solderable 3-wire connection. Precision Irrigation Monitor. Hurry while supplies last.



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