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Since 1997 -  Proven effective by NASA & USDA, corporate researchers, agricultural

universities, farmers, land owners and growers worldwide  



Derived from natural shellfish materials (chitin) - a hemeopathic product for home and garden. Use indoor and outdoor. Contains natural a form of nitrogen (.28%).


Improves soil, increases nutrient uptake and overcomes environment stress.

Broad spectrum bioactivation - works on all species in the plant kingdom

Pre-arm / Protect / Restore plants trees, lawns, gardens and the environment

Apply to soil - mixes in water (1 ml per 5 gallons)

 Meest USDA Natural Organic Standards - Qualified for Organic use.


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ODC Organic Super Concentrate -  1.2 fl oz (32 ml) w/dropper
ODC organic super Concentrated - New 1.2 fl oz bottle for trees, farm acreage, orchards, nurseries, greenhouse, lawns and gardens. Derived from aquatic materials - shellfish - natural source of N. MAKES 150 gallons of ready to use solution.

ODC™ Home & Garden Colloidal Chitosan 1 fl. oz.
1 fl oz ODC™ Home & Garden Colloidal chitosan solution for trees & plants. Induce them to defend against pine beetles. Treats 10 to 30 trees. Natural & Organic. Easy to use. Bedding plants, flowers, roses, cannabis & vegetables. Order now limited supply!

ODC Organic Super Concentrate -  18 fl oz
ODC organic Super Concentrated - New 1.2 fl oz bottle for trees, gardens, orchards, nurseries, greenhouse, & lawns. Made from aquatic materials - shellfish - natural source of (N). MAKES 2,635 gallons of ready to use solution. 5x more concentrated.

ODC™ Home & Garden Discount Bottle -16 fl. oz.
16 Fluid oz. ODC™ colloidal chitosan solution for trees and plants. Homeopathic plant and tree remedy. Treats over 150 pines trees and acres of lawn. SAVE - Volume Discount - less than $.49 per dose/tree. Order now limited supply!

ODC™ Organic Super Concentrate liquid microbial nitrogen product. Improves plant health. Proven effective to help trees, cannabis plants, lawns increase growth and crop yields.  easy to use indoor and outdoor safe around kids & pets.


Since 1996

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