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° Aeroponic Misting Spray Jets

High pressure HPA hydro-atomizing aeroponic mistering spray jet and cloud nozzle. Corrosive resistant ultra-low water usage for true aeroponic nutrient solution delivery. NASA sponsored and funded aeroponic spraying technolog. Exclusively from AgriHouse.


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Spray Jet with 0.025" Orifice
Quality plastic hi-pressure aeroponic misting spray jet. Hydro-atomize water and nutrient solutions to 5-50 micron droplet range. Low water usage. Robust full mist cloud pattern. Orifice size: 0.025". Easy to clean. Package size: 2 ea.
Spray Jet with 0.016" Orifice
Plastic high quality hi-pressure aeroponic mister spray jet. Hydro-atomize water and nutrient solutions to 5-25 micron droplets. Lowest water usage - fine mist full cloud pattern. Orifice size: 0.016". Easy to clean. Package size: 2 ea.
$12.99 | High pressure aeroponic (HPA) hydro-atomizing spray jet, cloud nozzle. Corrosive resistant ultra low water usage for algae-free nutrient solution delivery. Higher water pressure means better performance!


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