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Buy Leaf Sensor Technology for irrigation and crop water management
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Leaf Sensor & Irrigation Software
Leaf Sensor Monitor and Irrigation options: Stand-alone option #1 Benchtop Monitor & Control option #2 Precision Analysis & Control option #3
Now monitor plant moisture levels in leaves in real-time to activate irrigation and water systems. Real-time bio-feedback of leaf moisture with a light weight leaf sensor.Features:    * Non-intrusive / Non-damaging   * Rapid Continous Monitoring   * Low voltage operation (3-5vdc
Leaf Sensor Monitor and Irrigation options:

Stand-alone option #1

Benchtop Monitor & Control option #2 Precision Analysis & Control option #3

Additional Info  Leaf Sensor Video  -  Sponsored and funded by the NSF, tested by the USDA and University of Colorado, Dept. Aerospace Engineering Boulder, CO

Leaf Sensor & Software Brochure
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Solenoid with Digital Timer
Solenoid with Digital Timer for precision irrigation control. Allows for fail-safe mode if disconnect occurs. Connects to the LS-DAQ Interface or Benchtop DAQ Module. Solenoid specs: 0-500 psi
Leaf Sensor Beta Monitoring & Control Software
Leaf Sensor Analysis and Control Software v2.2 DVD. Configurable real-time data analysis for leaf water/ moisture measurement. Measure accurately in volts and micrometers. Software package.
Leaf Sensor, Data Logger DAQ & Software Package
Precision Leaf Sensor Data Acquistion Interface for analog-digital conversion of leaf moisture. Extended irrigation control for soil, aeroponics, hydroponics and drip. Includes leaf sensors, calibr., shielded cables, connectors, DAQ & control software.
Leaf Sensor Calibration Standards Card
Calibration Stardard Card for calibration the SG-1000 Leaf Sensor - contains 1 ea. graduated calibrated micro-thin disks.
Benchtop DAQ Module
Benchtop Data Acquistion (DAQ) Module for 14-bit analog to digital conversion of leaf moisture for precise measurement and irrigation control. Perfect for laboratory and research.
Leaf Sensors, Benchtop DAQ & Software Package
Complete package turns any PC into a data logger -includes leaf sensors, DAQ device, analysis and control software & more.
Leaf Sensor (SG-1000)
AgriHouse's Leaf Sensor now with calibration set screw. Start conserving now. Let your plant tell when it needs the watering. Water resistant.
leaf sensor, hardware and software to biofeedback monitor plant water moisture levels in plant in real-time.  Activate precision irrigation and data acquistion systems. BUY online www.leafsensor.com



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