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Leaf Sensor & DAQ
Leaf Sensor & DAQ

Leaf Sensor Monitor and Irrigation Products                                     NEW!           IMPROVED!! 

Now monitor plant moisture levels in leaves in real-time to activate irrigation and water systems. Real-time bio-feedback of leaf moisture with a light weight leaf sensor.


* Works on all plants  * Suitable for Vineyards, Greenhouses, Golf Courses, Lawns, Farmers, Hobbists, Educators, Agronomist and Consultants



* Leaf Sensor knows when to water   * Helps conserves water

Leaf Sensor Monitor and Irrigation:

 Affix  Monitor  Control

Additional Info  Leaf Sensor Video  -  Sponsored and funded by the NSF and tested by the USDA, University of Colorado (CU),  Colorado State University (CSU), Desert Research Institute (DRI) and growers.

Leaf Sensor & Software Brochure


Product Listing
° Control Software
° Control Software
Data Acquisition (DAQ) Biocontrol Software knows what's going on with plants. Control leaf sensor bio-feed back. Real-time turgor pressure and drought status. Control irrigation solenoids and pumps. NASA aeroponic software developed for turgor pressure.
° Leaf Sensor Devices
° Leaf Sensor Devices
Leaf Sensor devices for monitoring plant leaf turgor pressure, relative water content, water deficit stress, drought and environmental monitoring. Low voltage water proof sensor for precision agriculture and irrigation control.
° Monitoring
° Monitoring
Water Monitoring and Control for sensors, hardware and software to monitor and control plant moisture levels in plant leaves in real-time to activate irrigation & water systems with leaf sensors, 14-bit ADC modules and Arduino crop-keeping software.

° Data Collection Hardware
° Data Collection Hardware
Know when plants are thirsty. Data collection hardware and devices for monitoring and modeling leaf sensor real-time signaling. NASA sponsored and funded biocontrol technology developed for turgor pressure and drought status.
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Leaf Sensor Manuals and Tips - download
Leaf Sensor manuals and tips for soldering and connecting sensors to digital multimeters and data loggers. Includes irrigation sensor articles, manuals, hints and more for best practices. Ready for download.
Leaf Sensor Rev4 w/ cable, connector and software CD-ROM
AgriHouse's NASA sponsored Leaf Sensor Rev4 wearable for plants. It knows when to water. Water resistant low power device Easy to use. Measures plant water levels using a digital multimeter or data logger for precision irrigation control.
$329.99  $289.99
Leaf Sensor - The How To Use page
How to use the Leaf Sensor Rev3 for all plants. Know when to water. Easy to use. Measures water levels using a digital multimeter or data logger. Precision Irrigation Monitor when used with these devices. Click to BUY.

Digital Leaf Sensor Meter
Digital Leaf Sensor Meter for leaf sensor voltage readings - no external battery required. Special cable connects directly to a leaf sensor. Ready to take leaf sensor readings, connector/cable included.
Leaf Sensor Beta Monitoring & Control Software
Leaf Sensor Analysis and Control Software v2.2 DVD. Configurable real-time data analysis for leaf water/ moisture measurement. Measure accurately in volts and micrometers. Software package.
Leaf Sensor, Data Logger DAQ & Software Package
Precision Leaf Sensor Data Acquisition Interface for analog-digital conversion of leaf moisture. Extended irrigation control for soil, aeroponics, hydroponics and drip. Includes leaf sensors, calibr., shielded cables, connectors, DAQ & control software.

Leaf Sensor Calibration Standards Card
Calibration Stardard Card for calibration the Leaf Sensors -contains 1 ea. graduated calibrated micro-thin disks. Track voltage / inches (mm).
$89.99  $79.99
Leaf Sensor Benchtop DAQ Module
Benchtop Data Acquisition (DAQ) Module for 14-bit analog to digital conversion of leaf moisture for precision measurement and irrigation control. Perfect for laboratory and research. Trending software v1.4 included.
Leaf Sensors, Benchtop DAQ & Software Package
Complete package turns any PC into a datalogger -includes Leaf Sensors (Rev4), DAQ device, analysis and control software & more!

Leaf Sensor Rev4 w/clip  NEW for 2022
Wearable plant Leaf Sensor Rev4 w/clip. GREAT price! It knows when to water. Wire insert into 3-wire connection. Precision Irrigation Monitor. Hurry while supplies last.
AH-304 Leaf Sensor technology knows when to water  hardware and software to monitor and Irrigation Monitors levels in plant real-time. Activate irrigation and water systems using 14-bit ADC modules with trending & monitoring software..


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